Monday, February 24, 2014

Mommys Monday

Ahh the events of my weekend...

Lil man's been waking up in the middle of the night and hopping into our bed. As adorable as it is, he's a fidgeter. It takes him awhile to get comfortable, kind of like a puppy settling down. Night 1 he hopped in next to me until I had to get up and see why lil miss was fussing, then he rolled into the middle next to daddy. Night 2 he jumped up on the end of the bed and snuggled in between daddy and the wall. Not to mention the fact that he brought his blanket and stuffed mickey with him this time.

Most people would kind of freak out if something just started touching their feet in the middle of the night, nope not me. I was kind of like "whaaaa....? oh yea, toddler...zzzzzz". Hubby didn't even realize that he was there until lil miss woke up. Yea, he sleeps like a rock.

Roadtrip planning!

Two and a half weeks of driving, family, and more driving! We're coming from where all the warm weather escaped to so I had to pull all my winter clothes out of storage. I'm a New Englander born and raised so trust me I know about cold. I was even born in the middle of a snowstorm, I love wearing boots and sweaters, and who doesn't like hot cocoa with a nip of Baileys? I'm just glad that the kids have warm clothes (some new, some hand me downs) so we don't have to go out and buy any. Except maybe some warm shoes for lil miss.
We're visiting his friends, my family, and his family. Also maybe one or two of my friends if we have the time.
It's absolutely mind boggling how much stuff we're going to need. Between the kids stuff and ours, the cooler, the double stroller, the pack'n'play, and all of the this & brain's going to explode. I've been all over the world wide web doing research on how to entertain the kids, stuff to eat that's easy to pack, what & how to pack for long trips...I'm exhausted and we haven't even left yet.
I'm definitely going to miss my kitties. Thankfully there'll be someone here to watch them. I just hope that they don't tear up the place too bad.

Oh! And lil miss is going to be 1 on Thursday, I can hardly believe it.
Stay tuned for pictures!