Sunday, February 2, 2014

Let's Review

I recieved two coupons for Pampers Swaddlers from Crowdtap, one for myself and one to share. 

I have to say these are my favorite diapers. I used these with my son (who has sadly outgrown the swaddlers) and now my daughter. 

Oops time for a change
All clean! Dressed and ready to play

Pampers Swaddlers now go up to size 5 which is great since Zoe is still in size 3. They have that awesome yellow stripe that turns blue when she's wet plus they're a softer diaper. So no more sniff and squeeze tests, just look for a blue stripe. You can usually see it through most of her onesies too so I don't have to strip her down to check. We've also never had any leaks during the day or during night, which rocks in my book.
Pamper in general is an all around great brand, the proof is on my babys behind.