Monday, February 17, 2014

Mommys Monday

My adventures over the weekend! Well mostly today but it's been productive.
I've been researching (read: searching Pinterest for) different crockpot and fudge recipes, plus a few no bake desserts. There's some good stuff coming in the next few weeks!

Today we filled out lots of paperwork to get Monkey started with Early Steps in April. We were supposed to get all this started back in November but we had a few hiccups. He's not talking at 2 so it was recommended just in case. When he's 3 he gets to start school that goes hand in hand with Early Steps. It all makes me a little nervous but I know he's going to do well.

We FINALLY got our double stroller from Albee Baby. They didn't have the color we wanted but as long as it does the job I'm happy. It was a really great price plus free shipping. I saw that and I was all over it. Now we can take both the kiddos for a walk without using 2 strollers.

The 2nd thing I got today was my birthday present! There isn't much selection down here on our little islands but I thought it was a good choice. 

It had good reviews on Amazon and it has wifi upload so no more cords. It seems like a good beginners dslr camera. I can't wait to try it out!

And to end my post, here's a picture of a fluffy sleeping kitty: