Friday, January 23, 2015

Peanut Butter Lovers Unite!: An Influenster Review

Can I just say that this stuff is amazing. It is essentially a peanut butter cup dropped into a blender and pureed to sweet deliciousness. It's got the gritty texture of the peanut butter and the smoothness of the chocolate wrapped up in a neat little jar.

First, I found a peanut butter dip on Pinterest: Reeses Dip

I substituted the spread for the peanut butter and the result was a-mazing. I diced up some apples for the first go-round, and had it with honey graham crackers the next day. The husband loved it, the kids loved, i'd say it was a success.

The next snack we tried was putting the spread on waffles and topping them with bananas. I was going to use regular mini waffles but I found these:

and I was inspired. Anything with the words "chocolate" and "delight" are bound to be good.

Not the prettiest picture but they were about the disappear off the plate...

Lil miss proceeded to eat the banana first, then lick off the chocolate, and then eat the waffle.

Lil man ate his in two bites.

oh, and chocolate graham crackers...yes please. Just spread it right on and munch away, it's that good.

Pictured: additional banana topping
I totally recommend this to peanut butter lovers, chocolate lovers, and everyone in between. I received this jar of Reese's Spreads complimentary from Influenster and all opinions are entirely my own.